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Riderma Shampoo

Riderma Shampoo

With aloe vera, sericine and serenoa repens

SMild shampoo for frequent use, as well as for fragile and damaged hair. The innovative formula, based on aloe vera and sericine, guarantees softness and hydration, giving easy brushing, gloss and volume.
Furthermore, the serenoa repens strengthens and protects the hair stem.

  • Reinforcing
  • Protective
  • Hydrating
Riderma Shampoo Antiforfora

Riderma Antidandruff Shampoo

With lavender, nettle and dandelion extracts

Dermodetergent, indicated for peeling, itching and irritation of the scalp. Its formula, based on Octopirox Stabilized, helps to regulate the production of sebum.
The lavender, nettle and dandelion extracts, giving the shampoo soothing and demulcent properties, help to prevent the itch and the rash.

  • Antidandruff
  • Lenitive
  • Hydrating
Riderma Maschera Capelli

Riderma Hair Mask

With sericine and babassu oil

Specific treatment for damaged hair prone to split ends.
Its formula, enriched with silk proteins and babassu oil, thanks to the antioxidant and restructuring action, makes hair shiny, soft and easy to comb.

  • Restructuring
  • Softening
  • Moisturizing
Riderma Nogras Shampoo

Riderma Nogras Shampoo

With with biosulfur, serenoa repens and natural essential oils

Shampoo indicated for oily hair and scalp, it normalizes excessive sebum secretion . The gentle cleansing base allows you to make frequent washes, leaving hair soft and light.

  • Sebum normalizing
  • Delicate
  • Strenghtening
Riderma Active Hair Lotion

Riderma Active Hair Lotion

With serenoa repens, panax ginseng and plant stem cells*

Intensive treatment for the prevention of excessive hair loss. The active ingredients are particularly indicated to improve a better physiological growth of hair, in order to make them stronger and healthier.

  • Anti hair loss
  • Strenghtening
  • Stimulating

*vitis vinifera fruit meristem cell

Riderma Vital Trico

Riderma Vital Trico

With Serenoa Repens, Sulfur amino acids, Vitamins and Minerals

Dietary supplement that helps fight the excessive hair loss. Also indicated in cases of sebaceous hypersecretion.

Serenoa repens* counteracts the 5-α-reductase, the main cause of excessive hair loss and excessive production of sebum. Cystine and Methionine are rich in sulfur amino acids for the formation of hair keratin. Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation, Selenium and Zinc help maintain healthy hair. The B vitamins (B1 - B2 - B6 - B12) favor the normal tropism of hair and skin. Biotin counteracts excessive sebaceous secretions and helps hair growth. It does not contain Gluten and lactose.

Pack: 30 tablets of 800 mg

How to use

Men: 1 or 2 tablets a day to swallow with a glass of water or other liquid for at least two months.
Women: 1 tablet a day for at least two months.

*further info about Serenoa Repens click here