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la ricerca Riderma

Riderma is a comprehensive program of research on very efficacious natural active ingredients, specifically studied for the needs of every skin and hair.

These principles have high tolerance to human skin, also suitable for those subjects with particularly sensitive skin.The innovative formulas of Riderma cosmetics help to preserve the natural balance of the skin, preventing aging.
All the products Riderma have got hypoallergenic fragrance and are dermatologically tested to be safe even for sensitive skins and scalps.

face line
linea viso

The Face Line Riderma was born from the perfect combination of natural extracts used since ancient times for the beauty of the face and the experience in research.

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body line
linea corpo

The Body Line Riderma has been specifically studied for treatment of most sensitive and intolerant skins. Protective and moisturizing action.

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hair line
linea capelli

The Hair Line Riderma arises from the aim to create effective treatments that can ensure the daily wellbeing of our hair.

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sun&care line
linea corpo

Riderma Sun&Care has been developed for the protection of all skin types, especially those the most sensitive and delicate and to nourish and protect hair during exposure to the sun.

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